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The Rise and Consolidation of Neoliberalism in the European Union

EU Centre Associate Dr Özgün Sarımehmet Duman (Lecturer at İpek Üniversitesi, Ankara, Turkey) has recently published a paper in the European Journal of Industrial Relations on “The Rise and Consolidation of Neoliberalism in the European Union: A comparative analysis of social and employment policies in Greece and Turkey”.

Dr Özgün’s article looks at Greece and Turkey and scrutinizes the historical specificities and class formations in a comparative manner, and demonstrates that the transformations that took place in their economic and labour market structures are compatible with a neoliberal strategy pursued by the European Union. From the analysis, it emerges that Turkey’s social and employment policies are more closely aligned with those of the European Union, and neoliberalism is more firmly consolidated, than in Greece. This is confirmed by evidence of the asymmetry in the impact of the economic crisis on the Greek and Turkish economies, and contrasts in the scope of recovery policies.

The article can be downloaded here (subscription required).