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The EU in a Nutshell – EU Centre in Singapore’s Guide to European Integration and Institutions

Have you ever wondered about the difference between the European Council, Council of Ministers and the European Commission, and what do they do?  How does the European Union (EU) work, and which EU institutions or actors should we focus on when something happens?

To outsiders and non-specialists, the EU is often incomprehensible. Filled with misguided beliefs, cliches and stereotypes, debates about the EU are not always easy to follow. Ongoing crises in recent years – which countries are in the Eurozone, and what is the Schengen area – have also led to further confusion about the EU’s purpose and its developments.

The EU Centre in Singapore has published a background brief entitled “The EU in a Nutshell” by our associates Timothy Misir and Jason Ji. With this brief guide, we hope to cut the jargon and explore the evolving nature of the EU and its purpose as clearly as possible.  It provides a concise overview for the general public to be able to understand some important facets of the EU, and keep up with developments in the EU that have a broader impact on global politics and businesses.

A preview of the background brief can be found in the viewer below. A free copy of the brief can be downloaded here.