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Tommy Koh and Europe

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Dr Yeo Lay Hwee together with Ms Peggy Kek from SSO, Dr Gillian Koh from IPS and Ms Chang Li Lin from PMO co-edited a book “Tommy Koh – Serving Singapore and the World” to pay tribute to Singapore’s foremost diplomat, Ambassador Tommy Koh. The book was launched on 11th November 2017, one day before the 80th birthday of Ambassador Koh. The book, published by World Scientific Professional, contained over 40 essays written by experts in the various fields of endeavor and people who have worked with Ambassador Koh. The essays are organised into four main sections – Diplomacy and International Relations; Arts, Culture and Heritage; Progressive Society; International Law and a fifth section that features tributes from his former classmates and colleagues.

In her essay on “Regional Integration for Peace, Prosperity and People: Tommy Koh and Europe” Dr Yeo looked at Ambassador Koh’s contributions to Europe and his admiration for what the Europeans have achieved through regional integration. Ambassador Koh has also been a key figure in promoting greater engagement between Asia and Europe through his role as the founding executive director of the Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF).

The book “Tommy Koh – Serving Singapore and the World” contains many more essays that examine the ideas and ideals of this extraordinary Singaporean, and his contributions to Singapore and the global community as a diplomat, public intellectual, cultural aficionado and social change-maker.

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