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Green Innovations, Our Future Together Europe Day Symposium & Exhibition

The “Green Innovations, Our Future Together” Symposium was the EU Centre’s first outreach event targeted at the general public and schools. Conceived to coincide with Europe Day festivities, and to highlight the EU’s policy and technology ‘green’ innovations, the Symposium and Exhibition drew over 300 participants for a day- long public conference with talks on the EU’s environment policies and presentations by some well-known environmentally responsible European companies on their green CSR programmes, products and services. His Excellency Holger Standertskjöld, Head of the EC Delegation in Singapore, delivered the keynote, a preview of Copenhagen 2009, the UN Climate Conference to be hosted by Denmark to be hosted in December. The EU will aim to reach a global agreement on climate mitigation and adaptation measures.

His Excellency Jörg Ranau, Ambassador, Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany to Singapore, then presented on the “German Strategy for Adaption to Climate Change”. He spoke on the key ways Germany will be taking on global warming. The German plan approaches climate change by raising the bar. Germany’s aim is to reduce emissions by 40% compared to 1990 levels, double its energy efficiency by 2020, and have one third of its electricity share made of renewable energy. The German strategy is expected to create half a million jobs.

The dignitaries’ speeches were followed by a series of talks by high-level corporate executives, including from PricewaterhouseCoopers, Total Oil, Siemens, Ericsson, Envac, Tetra Pak, Broadway Malyan, A*STAR and DHI on sustainable energy, water and waste management, intelligent green buildings, and using microalgae to produce biofuel. The end goal was to empower public and private sector participants, all of whom stakeholders in the environment, to understand how global agreements, national programmes, corporations, organisations and individuals can make a difference and inspire them to individual and collaborative actions to combat climate change. Hence, it was apt that a panel discussion led by the National Environment Agency on “Partnerships for a Sustainable Future” capped the session. On the sidelines of the Symposium, EU diplomatic missions held an exhibition of green initiatives from their respective member states. A few companies also participated to showcase their company’s green innovations, despite the financial crisis.

The Symposium also produced a collection of original artistic, literary and essay works by winners and the best submissions from the “Green Innovations, Our Future Together” theme competition, which drew over 100 entries from Secondary to University students in about a month. One hundred percent of audience who gave their feedback gave the educational value of the event a “good” or “excellent” rating.

Please visit our events page for video clips of the Symposium, speaker presentations and speeches.