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Rethinking EU's Engagement in the Asia-Pacific


The EU Centre has published a substantive report that incorporates the key ideas presented by distinguished panellists during the recent workshop “Rethinking EU’s Engagement in the Asia-Pacific”. A free copy of the workshop report can be downloaded here.

The EU Centre in Singapore together with the European Centre of Excellence – University of Montreal-McGill University convened this workshop on 20-21 April 2015.  This workshop brought together scholars and experts from the Asia-Pacific region and EU policy makers to discuss EU’s engagement with the Asia-Pacific in the light of the political crisis in Ukraine, and its diminished stature and image as a successful regional entity and economic power as a result of the sovereign debt crisis. The workshop aimed to address questions on how can the EU maintain a steady presence in the Asia-Pacific and strengthen its partnership with key actors in the Asia-Pacific? What should the priorities of the EU be, and how can the EU bring together the different soft power tools in order to have a stronger common foreign policy in this region?