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Tourism as a driver of economic growth and development in the EU-­27 and ASEAN regions

The EU Centre has just published a new research brief by Ms Anna Athanasopoulou (Associate Fellow, EU Centre in Singapore) entitled “Tourism as a driver of economic growth and development in the EU‑27 and ASEAN regions”.

Tourism is a significant driver of economic and social development in the EU and ASEAN, stimulating economic growth by generating income, employment, investment and exports. It also generate valuable spin-off benefits including preservation of cultural heritage and improved infrastructure. But, depending on planning, development and management of the sector, tourism can have either positive or negative impacts on society. This research brief provides data to demonstrate the economic importance of tourism, and also highlight some of the challenges and plans for tourism development in both the EU and ASEAN.

You may download a free copy of the brief through this link. We hope that you will enjoy reading this research brief.