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The EU and ASEAN – In Search of a New Regional Paradigm?

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) has been seen as a relatively successful regional organisation in the developing world and has often been compared to the European Union (EU), the most successful model of regional integration thus far. As ASEAN approaches the 2015 deadline for the ASEAN Community project while Europe grapples with the aftermath of the Eurocrisis, it is worth considering the journey these two organisations have taken so far and ponder the road ahead.

This Working Paper by Dr Yeo Lay Hwee, Director of EU Centre Singapore, seeks to provide a comparative overview of regionalism in the EU and ASEAN, incorporates analysis of external forces and internal dynamics shaping the respective regional processes, sketches the global trends that could impact regional developments in Europe and Asia and examines whether both organisations would need a new approach or paradigm to maintain their relevance in this 21st century world.

Download a copy of the paper here.