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The EU’s online gambling regulatory approach and the crisis of legal modernity

The EU Centre has published Dr Salvatore Casabona’s (Associate Professor, University of Palermo – pictured right) working paper entitled “The EU’s online gambling regulatory approach and the crisis of legal modernity”. Dr Casabona was a Visiting Fellow at the EU Centre from August 2013 to September 2013. During his time in Singapore, Dr Casabona conducted academic research on the legality of online gambling in Asia, and also delivered a public seminar on online gambling and a research seminar on environmental justice.

The abstract of his paper can be found below. You may download a free copy of the working paper here.


Online gambling is a fast growing service activity in the world – its economic significance is clearly shown by the high level of innovation by gambling operators all over the world, as well as by the increasing amount of tax revenues generated in those States that allow this activity. Nevertheless, states face many difficulties in controlling and regulating online gambling, given the specific nature of the Internet, and the never-ending quest by gamblers for new gaming websites that offer superior odds, a wider gaming variety, and greater bets combination. In this working paper, Dr Salvatore Casabona examines the legality of online gambling in the context of the European Union (EU), and discusses the Union’s regulatory approach to online gambling, the lack of harmonisation and the issue of member state sovereignty at the crossroad of European Law on online gambling, and the potential for a new regulatory paradigm to emerge.